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Interview with Danny Murray

                                         - 2019 Winning Captain

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Southern Counties Scratch Golf League

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Captains Interview


1-    The 2019 Southern Counties Scratch League Champions – How does that sound?

I love the sound of it! It was such a great achievement for a club without any silverware at this level success since 2011. I am still very very proud.

2-    What are your abiding memories from 2019?  

Apart from getting presented with the Trophy at the amazing Finals Day in front of players, friends and family, it has to be beating Selsey GC away from home in 45mph winds!!

3-    How did you celebrate?  

We celebrated by going back to Sutton Green GC for a few too many drinks. Needless to say I woke up the next morning with the infamous pink jacket still on and the trophy next to me in bed. The rest as they say is history.

4-    You’ve been a member of the league since 2017 – what do you enjoy about it?

We love the league because it puts us against teams we would never normally play. The excitement of the unknown is really fun! On top of that, the finals day is amazing – It’s so well organised with amazing prizes and better still, the addition of live scoring just adds to the drama and excitement of the day.

5-    What are your league hopes for Sutton Green in 2020?

The aim this season (as it always has been) to progress through the group stages and then see how we go. If we get to The Grove in October it will be the icing on the cake.

Alex Cooper

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My 5 secret ingredients to become a winning Captain


1 - Be Organised – Try to arrange games 3-4 weeks before matches so your team can be available.

2 – Create a great squad – Having 10 – 12 squad members who are all engaged in the league is my advice to any captain.

3 – Have fun on and off the course – Have regular team meet ups normally midweek for 9 holes and a beer. I’ve found the combination creates a great morale in the camp

4 – Keep the squad motivated - The squad are all proud active Sutton Green members who are motivated to bringing success to the club. Bringing success to the club means bringing success to it’s members. It’s a fantastic feeling to win at this level.  

Pete Lockett

Interview with our 2020 League Coach – Pete Lockett

1 – Who was your golfing idol growing up?

It’s hard not to jump on the “Big Cats” bandwagon here so I’ll have to go with Tiger Woods

2 – When and how did you get in to coaching?

Right from the off I was always interested in the mechanics of the golf swing. It just annoyed me not knowing why I could play great one and poorly the next. I’ve been coaching an studying the games best players for 10 years.

3 – Tell us about your playing days?

As all young and aspiring golfers start off, I was aiming for the big time. I have competed throughout Europe on most of the progressive tours. (Europro, Alps Tour and the Pro Golf Tour. The biggest thing I would say – it’s too easy to get tied up in the wrong things. When at an event you need to be prepared and ready to compete, not trying to obtain positions or play conservative. You are there to win!

4 – Where is your teaching home?

Currently I am based at Precision Golf, Surrey and Hankley Common.

5 – How would you describe your teaching methods – Innovative or traditional?

Honestly I would say that it’s innovative. It’s clear that we all swing the club differently and we should, but I do feel that most golfers rely far too much on hand timing. So I like to ensure that all players have control of the club face and the rate at which it closes down.

6 – How do our players book lessons with you?

There are plenty of options – Through me and my Instagram page @petelockettgolf, through Precision Golf directly, or via my website which will be available mid-February.

7 – What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

Are you kidding? Being involved with the SCSG League for the first time! This league is absolutely fantastic and I’m looking forward to being a small part of it.

8 – What is your favourite course in the South of England?

Hankley Common and The London Club

9 – Mcilroy or Keopka?

Are you kidding? It’s the curly haired Irishman all day long…

10 – In the world of golf coaching, who have you, and who do you look up to most?

You’ve got to admit, golf instruction can be a boring and lonely business, so I admire anyone that is able to make it engaging and worth practicing for. So in answer to your question, I admire the following – George Gankas, Mike Bender, Andreas Kali, Zane Scotland and Robert Rock.  

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COACH TIPS for a successful 2020

1 – Know your flight pattern and start lines – don’t guess!

2 – Know your real yardages – not your last yeas summer yardages.

3 – Know what you can do and what you can’t do.

4 – Hit more punch shots in practice

5 – Never miss a putt and you’ll be very hard to beat!                          


For more information and to book lessons visit @petelockettgolf and/or call Precision Golf on 01932 977777