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What happens after I enter?

Once you have paid your registration and it is confirmed. You will be sent email information a month prior to the draw being announced. Once the draw is announced further info with your 1st round fixture will be forwarded to you and your playing partner. The knockout will commence from 1st March 2021.


What is the format?

Better Ball Pairs Matchplay - off scratch with no handicaps being applied. The only stipulation is that you must have an amateur status.


Me and my partner are registered at different clubs, is this ok?

Pairs do not need to be registered at the same golf club but you must select a home club between you - this will have to be stipulated on your entry. Other clubs can be chosen if within a 10 mile radius of the original club stated, allowing the pair to select either venue when arranging home fixtures.


Is this a national competition or will we play locally?

All rounds will be drawn based on geographical proximity while avoiding matches between teams from the same club. On the odd occasion, if you're drawn away you may end up a bit further out as you progress through the rounds. We always do our best to keep people as local as possible.


Do we need a formal handicap?

To participate you don't need an official WHS handicap but you do need to be a member of a WHS affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales.


Do I need to pay green fees when I’m the away team?

Many golf clubs offer courtesy and are happy to do this because their members will mutually benefit when playing away elsewhere, but some clubs will not permit this. If courtesy is not possible then the visitor fees must be split equally.


How are matches arranged?

You will be drawn home or away for each round and both teams will be given contact information to arrange the match, although the onus is on the home team to make contact since the home team will be booking the tees. If the home team does not reach out or the deadline is not met, the away team will progress unless evidence of attempted contact is given


How old do I have to be to compete?

The Tournament is open to male and female golfers aged 14 and over on the Commencement. Date who are members of a CONGU affiliated golf club in England, Scotland or Wales, or professionals. Under 18s must play with over 18's


Can we play our matches away?

Yes, You can do this. But both pairs have to agree on this. Otherwise the draw would stand. If you are drawn at home just let your opponents know you want to play away. 99% of pairs are happy to take home advantage. We're yet to have a case where both pairs want to play away, should this ever happen the draw will stand.


I’m the home team - the away team is not responding - what do I do?

As the home team you must make first contact and offer dates. You can chase and then after 7 days without response, please forward the emails you sent as evidence to copying the away team. The organizers' decision will be final.


I’m the away team - the home team has not contacted me - what do I do?

Please contact the home team copying The organizers' decision will be final. In the event of no response from the home team, the away team prevails in any event.


What happens if our opponents cancel matches?

If either team has to cancel the match within 48 hours of the match being due to be played then the other team may claim the match if they choose, or agree to play at another date.


What if a match ends all square after 18 holes?

Matches all square after 18 holes will be decided on a 'sudden death' play-off commencing at the first hole played until a winner is concluded.


Who submits match scores?

It is the responsibility of the winners of each match to submit the match result to the organizers. Results must be emailed to within 24hrs of the match being played.


How many dates does the home team need to offer?

The home team should offer 3 or more dates over weekdays and weekends combined. With a minimum of 2 dates being at the weekend. The dates offered should have a minimum of 1 week between the dates to create a fair opportunity for both pairs to play the fixture.


What if we are unable to arrange a match?

Please decide who wins between you on the basis of fairness. In general, if a home team offers over the requisite amount of dates, the away team should ensure that they are available for these dates if they are offered over a weekend. Sometimes things just won’t work - that’s life - but we would prefer it if you could agree amicably what happens. If a mutual agreement can not be made please send us an email.

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