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1.1   The primary aim of the league is to foster friendship & camaraderie within the healthy confines of competitive scratch golf.

1.2   To uphold fair play at all times.

1.3   The Rules of golf apply at all times.


2.1   Club refers to those golf clubs affiliated members of the league.

2.2   Team refers to the body of male/female players fielded by a competing club.

2.3   Match refers to the overall competition of ties being played between the two teams.

2.4   Player refers to the single golfer competing in each tie.

2.5   Tie refers to each individual 18 holes played between two players.

3.     TEAMS

3.1   Teams are made of 5 players per club.

3.2   Format Singles matchplay - Tie is played with the winner being Up with fewer holes remaining. Ties can be halved if all square after 18 holes.

3.3   No handicap restrictions as all matches to be played off scratch.

3.4   Players must be a minimum of 16 years on the date of the fixture.  **Any team can field a maximum of 3 players under the age of 18 but they must be over the age of 16 years the day of the match.

3.5   Team order must be decided by the team captain prior to the 1st tee off & should be exchanged with the opposing captain at least 30 minutes prior to tee off.

3.6   Players can only play for one club per season. In the event of a player being a member of more than one affiliated club then they must nominate a home club for that season. They will only be eligible to play for that club during the given year.


4.1   The match result between two clubs is decided by the total amount of matches won by the 5 players.

4.2   Scoring is based on normal matchplay rules. i.e. match is won or lost using an example of 5&4. This would equate to +9 (i.e. A match won 5&3 would equate to +8) & so on.

4.3   All matches that are halved will be shown as All Square (+/-0).

4.4   The team score for the entire match is the sum of all matches played during 5 ties. Therefore a total of 5 points are available and the two teams scores must add up to 5.

4.5   The clubs are awarded points based on the match result as follows:

Home/Away Win = 2 Points

Home/Away Draw = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points

4.5(a) The teams For (F) & Against (A) difference is taken from holes won & lost.  See 4.2 - This means that each match within a fixture is important to the teams difference. Meaning every hole counts in every match.

4.6   In the event of any tie being abandoned due to poor weather or any other cause beyond the control (not inc retirement 4.7) of any of the players then the remaining holes not completed will be halved.

4.7   In the event that a player has to retire from the tie and is unable to complete the tie. They concede the remainder of the holes not completed.

4.8   If any team is unable to field a player for a tie then they concede the tie at a default score of 1up (+1).

4.9   If a match is cancelled with less 2 weeks notice and an alternative date is not secured prior to the date stated for the fixture by the league. That match will be awarded to the opposite side as a 5-0 match score.

4.10 If a match needs to be re-scheduled beyond the dates proposed by the league. Then the home club should contact the league committee to request permission. However if a suitable date is not agreed then match will be deemed to be cancelled and rule 4.8 will apply.

4.11 In the event the match is cancelled prior to the start due to weather conditions then the match should be re-arranged for another date. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to re-arrange then the result will be halved (3-3).

4.12 The visiting/away club tees off first on the first hole in all matches.

4.13 In the event that a team cancels more than one match per season then the team will be disqualified from the league for the remaining duration of that season. Any matches/points they have amassed will be rendered null and void.

4.14 Tees - Male golfers should play from the White (Medal) Tees. All Female golfers should play from the Mens (Yellow/General Play Tees) - The Par is only taken from the mens White (Medal) Tees.


5.1   All Matches are to be played at weekends unless both club mutually agree otherwise. The Home side are responsible for making contact. The home side should offer 3 dates with a minimum of at least 1 week apart to create fairness and opportunity for both sides. Ties can be played midweek if mutually accepatble by both sides. If no contact is made within 7 days then the away side are open to making contact and suggesting dates. If team fail to agree for any reason please contact the league on for a decision with evidence of any communication.

5.2   The last tee should be no later than 4 1/2 hrs prior to sunset. We ask all clubs to be conscientious towards any opponent that may be travelling from distance to play matches.

5.3   No catering is expected to be provided by the home team. If an away team wishes for catering then they should arrange this at their own expense.

5.4   All clubs pay an entry fee of £250 (£225 before 1st December 2022). This is payable to the league at the start of the season prior to any fixtures being made.

5.4a Entry Fees are non refundable. In the event of a postponement of league entry fees shall be rolled over to the following year. A cancellation of the league will result in a full refund.

5.5   League fees will go towards running a website to carry scores & fixtures, trophies and subsidising an end season 'Finals Day'.

5.6   No green fee is to be levied on visiting players representing their team on away matches. If any away team wishes to have a practice round ahead of a match then a guest green fee is payable to the home club.

5.7   Each side should enter their team onto a match day sheet and exchange prior to the first tee off. The home side is responsible for filling out the Match Day sheet in full, with both teams entered and the scores entered accurately. At the end of the match the scores should be added up to get an overall score for each team. The captains of both sides should sign this form. Signing the sheet indicates acceptance of the result.

5.8   In the event that the match score is subsequently found to be incorrect or does not add up to 5 then the sides have to respond to the league with any amendment in writing.

5.9   The home side is responsible for emailing the result to the league chairman by midnight following 48hrs of the match being played.

5.10 The home side must retain their Match Day Sheets until the end of the season and the final league table has been confirmed and approved.


6.1   All entering clubs shall be drawn into groups of 5 teams.

6.1a All clubs entering to be a 18 hole championship course.

6.1b If entries exceed 80 clubs it will be at the discretion as to which entries are accepted by the SCSG League committee.

6.2   Each team will play x4 matches (x2 home & x2 away)

6.3   The top team from each group will advance to the last 16 *Any tied groups will be decided upon match difference and then cumulative hole difference if required - (see 4.2).

6.3a The match difference equates to the match points won & lost per fixture within the group stages.

6.3b The cumulative hole difference is defined by the holes won & lost per individual tie and all match in the group stages as per rule (4.2).

6.4   League match dates will be set by the league chairman at the beginning of the season and no later than the 31st March. They will be set by dates matches must be played by. It will be the responsibility of the home side to arrange the fixture.

6.5   Finals day will be played at Hollinwell GC, Nottingham on 15th October 2022.  There will also be a 3rd place playoff to accompany the final.

6.5.1  Semi-Finals will be played at home or away dependent on the draw.

6.6  Alongside the club tournament. The league will also run a player MVP competition. This will consist of all individual golfers being awarded points as follows. (see 6.7). A separate league table will be run for players and they will be awarded a goal difference to accompany the points. In the event of a tie the difference will come into effect.

6.7  MVP Scoring system (Group Stages) - Away Win = 4pts, Home Win = 3pts, Away Draw = 2pts, Home Draw = 1pt, Loss = 0pts.

6.8 MVP Scoring System **Up & Inc Semi-Final Only (Knockout Stages) - Away Win = 2pts, Home Win = 2pts, Away Draw = 1pts, Home Draw = 1pt, Loss = 0pts.


All results up to and including the semi-final will be included in the MVP championship. In the event of a tie the count back system will be decided on whom has the best hole difference over the matches played.

6.9  Knockout Stages - All ties in the final should be played in the same manner as the group stages above. However in the event of a tie overall. The CAPTAIN must select a PLAYER from either side to participate in a sudden death playoff. The winning team will then be decided by the playoff winners. any questions please consult the league for more info.




7.1   Distance measuring devices. For all league matches a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. However if during a league match, a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might effect his play (e.g. gradient, wind-speed, temperature etc.), the player is in breach of this rule (see also R&A‍ Rule 14-3), for which the penalty is to concede the match at a default score of 10&8. Regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used.

7.2   Use of buggies is not allowed unless a player can produce a medical certificate to prove use is required on medical grounds.

7.3   Under current government guidelines and with the health and safety of players in mind, caddies are not permitted. This will be reviewed monthly and you the players will be notified of any changes. 


7.4.  The Elite Amateur Golf League is open to male & female golfers aged 14 years and older. If playing with a player under the age of 18 then the pair should form a fourball under the guidelines from Safe Golf England.


7.5.  Golf clubs playing home matches are not obliged to provide food or drink for opponents, however in the spirit of the game we expect away teams to be made welcome. Post-match drinks amongst players of both teams should be encouraged


8.1   Amendments to any rules of the league can only be made by the league chairman.

8.2   New clubs being proposed to join the league will be confirmed by the league committee.

8.3   The league is open to all clubs from Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bucks, Dorset, Gloustershire,  Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Northamptonshire, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. Clubs outside these counties may also be considered based on travelling time etc.

8.4   Probationary clubs will be approved to full affiliation by majority committee decision at the AGM following their probationary year.

8.5   In the event that clubs fall short of the expectation of the other affiliated clubs then a motion for removal of the club from the league can be put forward by any affiliated club. In the event the club in question will be advised oft he reason and asked to respond to the motion for removal. This will then be discussed and the league committee will make a final decision.